Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Announcing Windsor's Radical History Conference

In February 2011, Windsor Ontario will host the first Radical History Conference. We will converge at the Windsor Workers Action Center (www.wwac.ca) to showcase the proud history of struggles in Social Justice, Ecology, Labour Organizing, Gender Equality, Indigenous Rights, Police Repression, and many other topics! Everybody is invited to drop in anytime throughout the conference to see our displays and learn about past heroes, battles, victories and defeats in the movement toward a better world.

Our goal is to provide a space for educating ourselves about the history of our movement, while giving a greater sense of purpose and continuity.

Today, as communities organize against economic exploitation, police repression and environmental collapse, it is important for us to connect these struggles with past movements to learn from their mistakes and carry on their achievements. The dominant social order benefits from our cultural amnesia, and if social activists don't remember past struggles and atrocities, who will? These histories should not die in dusty old books, but should be alive in our thoughts and actions everyday as we continue the struggle against systems of oppression. History should not be resigned to an academic discipline, it must become something that all people participate in. As activists, we want to make radical history an inviting and engaging topic, and this conference will present a lot of great examples.

Radical history: learn it...make it!

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